The WriteReads Blog Tour & Book Review – The Book of Uriel {Elyse Hoffman}

Hello, hello, hello! We're back again with another blog tour, and this was an interesting one! I'm quite picky when it comes to historical fiction, and this one sounded like it could be enjoyable, so I went for it! Needless to say, it was an experience - but overall, it was a good story! Information:... Continue Reading →

The WriteReads Blog Tour & Book Review – The Meeting Point {Olivia Lara}

Hello, hello, hello dear friends! ✨ I am back again with another blog tour book review! This time we have an adult romance that is not only incredibly cute, but also keeps you guessing as to who the mystery hero is on the other side of the screen – The Meeting Point. It is fun, it... Continue Reading →

Impactful Books I Read in 2020

Hello again, fellow bookworms! 🥰 I hope that you’ve all been doing well. It’s been a rocky start to the new year so far, and I, for one, am trusting that things will get better soon. To lighten the mood, however, I would like to talk about certain books that made the crazy year of... Continue Reading →

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